Welcome to The Nerdy Vet

Welcome to The Nerdy Vet. My name is Chris and as well as being a small animal vet, author and app developer, I love all things technology and, well, just a little bit nerdy.

I am always interested in hearing from you, whether it be to discuss arranging something like a school talk, or to get all nerdy over app designing, or even vet questions. There are a number of ways to get in touch – email, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Idea Idol 2012Semi-finalist in the Oxford Entrepreneurs TATA Idea Idol 2012

7 thoughts on “Welcome to The Nerdy Vet”

    1. Hi Andy. I don’t actually have any active involvement with the apps anymore, so I have no idea. I would, however, be interested in hearing your ideas for useful features as I may well develop my own line.

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m a vet graduate student, How can i get small animals surgery trainee-ship. I would like your suggestion.

    1. Hi Sohail. Thank you for your message and question. The answer to your question is “it depends.” Are you looking to do an internship or residency at a university? An internship in private practice? In what country? In a particular specialism/ field? Small animal? Large animal? So many questions…..

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