What We Strive For

What We Strive For from Chris Queen on Vimeo.

Ironman is the ultimate challenge in triathlon. The pinnacle of the sport, requiring athletes to swim 3.8km (2.4miles), cycle 180km (112miles) & run a full marathon (42km / 26.6miles) one after another, often taking longer than 12 hours to complete. Lake Tahoe is considered one of the toughest but most beautiful courses in the world, with cold yet crystal clear water, majestic climbs & thrilling descents on the bike, and a run route along the Truckee river and Squaw Valley, the epitomes of natural splendor.

What We Strive For addresses the very real fears that all first-time Ironman athletes face: am I ready for this? Is it too much? Will I be strong enough, fit enough, mentally tough enough? This will be Chris’ first iron-distance race and has been two year’s in the making, following the disappointment of 2014’s cancellation due to forest fires & smoke. Shot on location with Conor Toumarkine & Danny Toumarkine of Shreddy Times in Lake Tahoe, join Chris as he completes training and faces the huge challenge of Ironman Lake Tahoe, chasing that feeling that makes it all worthwhile.

Climb. Jump. Repeat.

Last month I had the pleasure of yet again donning my swim shorts, climbing shoes and chalk and hot footing it over to Oman with a bunch of fellow adrenaline junkies, where we piled into a boat and spent the day scaling sea cliffs along the Musandam coast.

Deep water soloing, for those who are not familiar with the activity, involves climbing without the use of ropes, over deep water, with this acting as a ‘safety’ in the event of falling or, eventually, jumping from a chosen finish point. It is insanely fun and one of the best ways to spend a glorious day with like-minded friends, exploring one of the most stunning coastlines on the planet. There is simply no way to access the sites that we had the pleasure of climbing other than by boat, and the combination of puzzle, physical exercise and sheer natural beauty makes the endeavour all consuming. One cliff we found ourselves climbing saw divers surface close-by, a surreal experience in and of itself.

Check out this video I edited, which incorporates footage from both last year’s trip and this year’s. Enjoy!


Started From The Bottom from Chris Queen on Vimeo.