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Just Do It

Do, DoneSometimes there are things you see, hear or read that just chime with you and make you think “yeah, right on!” I saw such a simple thing whilst at The Gadget Show Live when I passed by one computer company’s stand and one of their banners caught my eye.

The message – “Do is two letters away from Done” – just spoke volumes and makes me feel really quite motivated every time I read it. Why? Well, it’s just a simple truth and one that is important and useful to remember.

There are so many things that each of us would like to do, either today, tomorrow, or generally at some point in our lives, yet I daresay that many of us end up feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of certain tasks and the mountain that we may have to face in order to achieve the goals and do the things that we ultimately want to. As such, it is often easier not to start something than it is to “do it” and risk failing in the process. I know as I have been there and done – or rather, not done – that. This is something I have been continuously endeavouring to change by remembering the truth that this slogan conveys.

So, is there something that you really want to do but haven’t gotten round to it yet, for whatever reason? Could the HUGE task or challenge be broken down into more manageable, achieveable little tasks and thus be something you can start to do NOW? I am sure it could so go on, give it a go, surprise yourself and add those last two letters 🙂

Caesarian Companion

Over the Christmas period I found myself performing a caesarian section on a Pug, with the result being four healthy young pups. Thankfully the anaesthetic was stable and we had more than one nurse who was able to step in and help to receive and revive the puppies as I delivered them. It did, however, get me thinking about those situations where you might find yourself with just you, the surgeon, and one nurse – a common situation in out-of-hours (OOH) emergency work. What would happen if the anaesthetic was unstable or there were simply more puppies than the nurse could manage on their own?

Rough sketch for 'Caesarian Companion'

The idea for the Caesarian Companion thus came to mind. The principle is that the surgeon can drop the newly delivered puppy/ kitten into one of the flexible ‘slings’ (flexible and clear to allow easy breathing, be comfortable and enable close visual monitoring), which can be detached, replaced and even come in different sizes, depending on the expected size of the delivered babies. The slings could be suspended within a frame that is gently vibrating to encourage tactile stimulation of the new pup/ kittens, with their heads poking out of the end into a chamber delivering the optimal amount of oxygen. The chamber would be heated to keep the puppies warm and made out of a clear, easily cleaned material to maximise hygiene. The idea behind carefully suspending and ‘agitating’ the newborns is to help any fluid that may be present on their chests to drain and to gently stimulate the newborns to start breathing on their own. Once suitably awake and when the nurse, or other staff member, is free then the newborns could be removed and transferred to a standard heated incubator, with the Caesarian Companion potentially doubling as one, with the newborns being placed on a heated, padded mat inside.

NB: This is simply an idea & the design is certainly not complete. Please feel free to comment/ suggest changes/ improvements.

Ultimate Home Decor

I have, as usual, found my mind wandering onto great ideas for where technology may take us in the future and something that some friends and I have been talking about recently is the idea of paper-thin HD screens that can literally be used in the home (or wherever) as wallpaper. The result being to turn your walls – whether you choose to paper just one or multiple walls and surfaces – into a giant screen.

Why would you want this?

Well, imagine the endless possibilities for interior decor and mood-changing of your direct environment. Having a house-party with a jungle theme? Well why not download a rainforest theme directly to your walls and you have an instant jungle-themed room, either with static images or, if you want a bit more pizazz and wow, with moving content, such as wildlife or plants being moved gently by a breeze. The possibilities literally are endless!

From a more domestic viewpoint, it could also do away with the need to even have a TV set, as you could simply view shows and other content directly on the wall, perhaps even combining the technology with gesture controls to adjust the screen size with simple movements of your arms. This kind of stuff really does get me excited!

So, what are some of the applications for this idea. Here are a few:

  1. Parties – instant themes & amazing decorations
  2. Home decoration – want a Picasso hanging in the living room beside those favourite family snaps? This would be easy with such technology!
  3. Content viewing – fully immerse yourself in your favourite TV show or film, or play that awesome game on a screen the size of your living room wall.
  4. Simple mood changes – feeling a little blue today? Well, you could change the colour of your walls to a more upbeat, sunnier colour, like yellow, instantly. This could even be an automatic feature of the ‘Smart House.’

So many amazing possibilities…..