Safari Good Fun

I have just watched the new ITV vet show ‘Safari Vet School’ and it instantly brought back several memories of being a student myself – not necessarily memories of being out in South Africa, although my training did involve dealing with a few ‘exotic’ species – but more of finding oneself very much out of a comfort zone. The rotation that this was most noticeable on was anaesthesia, which is what seemed to cause the students in the show the biggest challenge.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, putting the books aside and placing yourself in a position where things don’t always go according to the textbook is a feature of life every day for vets, with the very nature of anaesthetics, and indeed biological systems, being unpredictable and thus intrinsically risky. I actually thought they did well on the show, considering that it was their very first day, they had no real idea of how much the wild animals they were dealing with weighed, and, lets be honest, none of them ended up getting injured – quite an achievement I would say!

I for one am looking forward to the next episode and learning more about each of the intrepid veterinary travellers as we go along.

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