exam paper

New Pad & Exam (or not)

exam paperNew Pad & Exam (or not)

I am currently writing this whilst sat in one of the Ministry offices whilst missing my veterinary exam and whilst Monique bangs her head against a proverbial brick wall. The issue, it seems, rests with my experience, in as much as it has been decided that the small gap of about two weeks that I appear to have in my employment record last August means that I am ‘under-experienced.’ Poor old Monique is doing her best to explain things and highlight the fact that I have more than enough experience but what can you do? Oh, and whilst this is happening I am currently missing the exam. Couldn’t make it up 🙂

The exam itself is the one that all non-UAE vets must sit if they wish to be licensed fully, meaning to work in a solo capacity. I could, it transpires, be registered as an assistant, which means that I wouldn’t have to sit the exam at this stage, but eventually I would need to do it. The exam itself is apparently about an hour in length and is a mixture of short answer and extended answer questions on everything from Ministry regulations, such as “what is a vet’s responsibilities”, to notifiables across the species, material that I honestly didn’t think I would ever need to look at again. According to one of the new vets who came out last month and already sat the exam, it is quite a relaxed affair, with candidates free to talk amongst themselves and even ask the invigilator for helpful pointers and explanations (not the answers, of course). All the above seems *cough* academic, however, at this stage as I daresay I will not be sitting it for another month given what I have told you so far. Yep, it is now 11am so that’s pretty much the exam over. Ah the joys of moving overseas!

Yesterday saw me move to my new home for the next couple of months whilst I search for a more permanent option. I am staying in an area of Dubai known as The Springs, which is a large development of villas kind of behind the Marina area. The guy I am renting from, a triathlete and captain, as it were, of the Dubai Pirates club, is originally from the UK and has been out here for about ten years. He’s a really cool guy by the name of Kevin and has kindly offered me a room in his villa for a few months whilst I look for something more permanent, which is awesome considering that a) you need to pay all of your rent in advance – or in four cheques if you’re able to negotiate such an arrangement. One thing to note, however, is that over here, writing a cheque means that you have to be absolutely certain there will be funds available when it is cashed as a cheque that bounces is a criminal offence and will land you in hot water. As such, finding the cash to stump up rent is a bit more of a big undertaking than it is in the UK. In the meantime, my villa pad will do very nicely, although the absence of an internet connection means that I am going to have to go cold turkey on the old digital surfing for a bit (I am posting this from my boss’ house).

Right, got to go…. more to follow on this relatively eventful and insightful day so watch this space 🙂

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