Do, Done

Just Do It

Do, DoneSometimes there are things you see, hear or read that just chime with you and make you think “yeah, right on!” I saw such a simple thing whilst at The Gadget Show Live when I passed by one computer company’s stand and one of their banners caught my eye.

The message – “Do is two letters away from Done” – just spoke volumes and makes me feel really quite motivated every time I read it. Why? Well, it’s just a simple truth and one that is important and useful to remember.

There are so many things that each of us would like to do, either today, tomorrow, or generally at some point in our lives, yet I daresay that many of us end up feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of certain tasks and the mountain that we may have to face in order to achieve the goals and do the things that we ultimately want to. As such, it is often easier not to start something than it is to “do it” and risk failing in the process. I know as I have been there and done – or rather, not done – that. This is something I have been continuously endeavouring to change by remembering the truth that this slogan conveys.

So, is there something that you really want to do but haven’t gotten round to it yet, for whatever reason? Could the HUGE task or challenge be broken down into more manageable, achieveable little tasks and thus be something you can start to do NOW? I am sure it could so go on, give it a go, surprise yourself and add those last two letters 🙂

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