IronVet 2015 (after 2014’s race was cancelled at the start line owing to forest fires & smoke)

in support of WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service)

Worldwide Veterinary Service



Ironvet 2014 from Chris Queen on Vimeo.

 “I am currently in training to take part in my first ever Ironman race, a grueling triathlon that involves a 3.8km swim, followed by a tough 180km cycle, and topped off with a full marathon of 42km. The race itself is due to take place in the stunning setting of Lake Tahoe, California, an alpine area which although beautiful will mean a very hard day of ice cold temperatures, energy-sapping climbs and a far-from-flat run course. In other words, a very tough challenge indeed!

The charity I have chosen to support in this somewhat nutty endeavour is the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), a fantastic organisation founded and headed by the incredible Luke Gamble, and run by a dedicated team of wonderful people, with amazing support from scores of volunteers around the globe. Their work really does improve lives, not only of animals but of the people who care for and rely on animals.

I first supported WVS back in 2008 when I started my triathlon ‘career,’ by opting to break into the sport via a ‘3 Tris in 3 Months’ challenge. Since then I have continued to train and race, moving from Sprint Distance (an 1/8th of the distance of an Ironman!), onto Olympic Distance (double a Sprint), and now I am ready to bite the bullet and throw myself into the ultimate race distance.

Training is being undertaken in Dubai, where I currently live, and for anyone who knows this part of the world, you will know that training here in the Winter is actually great – basically, comfortable conditions. The Summer however is another thing. And that is when the bulk of my serious training is due to take place as we head towards race day in September. Fifty degree heat, scorching sun and impossibly high humidity will make training very, very tough indeed! This is the period that I expect to really need to dig the deepest and when your support will mean the most. You can follow my progress throughout it all, including the various races leading up to the main race itself, and share, or at least observe from comfort, the sufferfest that I fully expect much of the build-up to be.

If you would like to support me in this Iron Vet challenge then you can do so in a number of ways. Simply sharing words of encouragement, or even sharing your own sporting and triathlon experiences and advice, is one way. You can do this via Twitter (@thenerdyvet), for example, using the hashtag #ironvet. You can also find IronVet on Facebook, where training updates and the race updates themselves will feature.

Thanks and I look forward to making it to the finish line in California with you all.

Yours clad in Lycra


The Nerdy and Iron Vet”

SuperTriTo even get close to the start, let alone the finish, line in Tahoe I knew that enlisting the professional services of a dedicated Ironman coach was essential. That is where SuperTri’s Trace Rogers has been instrumental in guiding me towards the ultimate goal of running a great race in September, and ensuring that I do justice for my chosen good cause. Read more about Trace via her biography here.


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