Iron Vet, Ironman

Iron Vet – Challenge for 2014

Iron Vet, IronmanThe New Year is traditionally a time for personal reflection and goal setting for the next twelve months, with a healthy majority of people choosing to include something of a health and fitness flavour among their resolutions. I guess in that respect I am rather unoriginal in what I have decided to do, although I did actually make the decision prior to New Year itself. Does that mean it ceases to be a resolution?! Anyway, I digress….

The challenge I have decided to set myself for this year is to race in the 2014 Ironman Lake Tahoe, California, USA

For those of you unfamiliar with Ironman and what this infamous format entails, I offer some insight here:

3.8km swim

180km cycle/ bike

42km run (a marathon)

One after the other!

I am a triathlete and have been racing now for a few years, although the furthest I have ever raced is the Olympic Distance, equating to a quarter of the distance covered by an Ironman. Although I consider myself to be active and relatively fit, the challenge associated with preparing for and competing in such a race of this magnitude is daunting. I had been putting off signing up for such an event in the past principally due to the fact that I knew how much time it was going to take to prepare fully and I didn’t feel confident that I was going to be able to do it justice, what with a busy job and many other activities and interests all competing with one another for my time.

What changed my mind? Nothing really, other than that sudden flash of inspiration – or perhaps moment of insanity – that just screams at you to go and do it. Sign up. Commit. Once you’ve made the actual decision to do something then it’s weird how a weight seems to lift off of you as you then make peace with your decision and change your focus from “what if’s” to “hows.” I am now committed. I have paid the entrance fee. I am a registered competitor. As such I now have simple choices to make: train and compete or don’t train and either don’t race or don’t finish, neither of which are even worthy of considering.

So, I have 9 months – the race is on the 21st September 2014 – in which to take this Nerdy Vet and turn him into an Iron Vet.

Ironman Lake Tahoe – the official page

The Worldwide Veterinary Service – the charity I intend to race & fundraise for

Ironman inspiration – a motivating video to tempt you to get involved yourself 🙂

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