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I have had a few people ask me about the exam that one has to sit in order to become registered as a veterinarian here in Dubai. As such I thought it would be a good idea to write a short piece on exactly that subject and hopefully answer many of the recurring questions that crop up.

NOTE/ DISCLAIMER: The following was correct, as far as I was aware, at the time that I experienced the exam process. Like much here in Dubai, processes are subject to change, often abrupt, and so no guarantees can be made on current accuracy or validity of the following. As ever, you are encouraged to do your own independent research and discuss your specific requirements with your employer (current or prospective) or to clarify matters directly with the relevant Ministry.


To become registered officially as a veterinarian here in Dubai, which permits you to work in a solo capacity in a clinic, the Ministry requires vets to apply for and sit the official exam. Eligibility for this is determined on the basis of having completed and satisfied all of the registration/ licensing requirements, such as demonstrating evidence of 5 years veterinary post-graduate work experience (for non UAE nationals).


The exams seem to run about once per month. There is little point, however, of applying to sit it until you are confident that you have all of the licensing requirements ticked off.


I sat mine at the Ministry that deals with veterinary licensing, which happened to be the Ministry of Environment and Water.

What does it involve?

It was about an hour in length, although it was easily possible to complete it in less time. There were essentially three sections:

1. Short questions on the relevant laws and bylaws, pertaining to the practice of veterinary in the UAE.

2. Short questions of a clinical nature, especially focusing on diseases of a zoonotic and notifiable nature. There were also some basic questions on subjects such as the TPR (temperature, pulse and respiration rates) for species such as dogs, cats, camels and cattle.

3. Long questions, of no more than a single side of A4. There were two of these in my exam, asking me to outline the signs, epidemiology, treatment and cause of certain notifiable diseases, such as TB. Having a basic overview of the various notifiables, as listed in the Ministry guidelines, is essential for passing this exam.

How hard is it?

Honestly? Not very. Assuming, of course, that you have actually bothered to do some revision and go in with the relevant knowledge, even if at a superficial level. Personally, I was not convinced that my answers were anything other than average at best when I left the exam, but I passed, so feel confident that unless you do no work in advance or have a complete meltdown in the exam, you’ll pass.

How quickly did you get your results?

I found out whether I had passed within two weeks, so very quickly.

Did you get anything after passing? A certificate?

Um, no. Just a feeling of relief that it was over and, once I had passed, that I was able to practice as a vet.

I have included a downloadable PDF here of the revision notes that I compiled and used to prepare for my exam. Again, I make no guarantees regarding this content and provide it merely as a learning aid. You are ultimately responsible for your own learning and preparation so if you don’t pass then don’t blame me 🙂
You can access it here: Dubai Ministry Vet Exam Notes

26 thoughts on “Dubai Vet Exam”

  1. Hello there, I just stumbled on this article/blog of yours and I think it’s very helpful. Anyway I’m a Vet myself from Philippines and currently based in Singapore and was wondering if there are opportunities in the areas of lab research/biomedical research that you’re aware of. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hello armand, will you please give me information ,about how to practice as veterinarian in singapore..currently I am doing practice in small animal medicine in india..

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate.
    I am a vet who works in Toronto Canada.
    Could you please let me know how much the salaries for vets are in Dubai? There are lots of different rates on the website from 2500 to 30000 AED. It makes my confused.

    1. Hi Olmid, this is Dr. Nadya, I am working in the UAE, and looking for a VET from Canada or USA, if you are interested on working in Dubai please contact me +971561329292 (what’s app) or

  3. Heloooo,
    Ur article/ blog was really good. Thanx for such a material. Its always helpful for the aspiring vets.
    I do have a few doubts. I am a vet from India.
    1 Is a job visa must for the licensing exam? Can a person in resident visa can write the licensing exam ?
    2 Is there any need to take equivalent certificate before taking the licensing exam?


    1. Hi Tintu. As far as I am aware, you do not necessarily need to already have a job in order to sit the licensing exam, although that may well have changed so I would suggest you contact the relevant Government department directly to clarify the current requirements. All the best. Chris

  4. U r very kind to help … Thank u so much for the information . am a vet persuing post graduation in the feild of livestock products and technology this is less clinical n more into food processing stuff. Am from India n getting married to a person already working in Dubai so I need to look forward for my career in dubai. So can u please kindly help me with the feild of my post graduation subject wat kind of career can I look I to or if I practice clinical stuff then can my post grad subject causes any issue . I love treatment side but am little scared to choose wat

    1. Hi Dr Swathi. I am afraid that I am probably not really going to be able to help you very much as your field of veterinary is very much outside of my own field of expertise. Have you looked into job/ career options in Dubai already? Contacted suitable companies? If not then I would start there. All the best with you journey.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Your blog is a great read. I stumbled onto it when doing random vet searches.
    Do all vets have to sit the licensing exam in dubai? As in are there any veterinary programs that are exempt or are there exceptions for those wanting to do a short/ long term locum. I am a veterinarian from QLD australia, but currently work and live in Ireland.

    1. Hi Ash. Thanks. I would like to be a bit more proactive with it but it seems to be helping some people so that is good. All vets who wish to work legally as registered veterinarians do have to sit the exam, yes. You can, however, work as a veterinary assistant with less than five years post-graduate experience as far as I know but you would not be able to legally work solo. Although locum positions do occasionally come up, the expense and hassle of getting visas etc makes it less of an option than it is in other parts of the world. It is best thought of as a destination for a full-time veterinary position to be honest. All the best Ash.

  6. Hi,
    Is the type of exam the same for all? (e.g licensing for sale of medical vet products or for lab diagnosis and treatment)


    1. I have no idea I am afraid Jo. All I know about is the exam I sat. You’re best contacting the Ministry or asking any potential employers should you have more specific questions. All the best.

  7. Dear I ve a question is it neseccery to visit dubai for appearing in the exam…can’t i give it online frm India….

  8. Hello,

    My name is Ajay, am Australian citizen. am working as Agricultural Technician in Rivalea Australia in Piggery farm. but i am quillified Veterinary doctor from Degree is not registered in Australia. I have 7 years experience in Piggery farm job in Australia.can i do practice in Dubai.if not do, what do need for registration. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ajay. You really need to consult the ministry website directly as I am sure it will be able to address most of your questions. Thanks and all the best.

  9. Hi,

    Thank you for the information you have provided, very kind and very helpful considering it seems like quite a confusing process!

    I am a veterinarian from Australia looking to work in Dubai.

    I have my residency visa via sponsorship through my husband who is a Dubai resident. Can you pls tell me if it is possible to locum in Dubai?

    Also, do I need to travel to Australia to have my documents attested/legalised and where in the UAE do I go to get information on this process?

    How long can I expect this to take before I can start working?


    1. Hi Sally. Thank you for your specific questions – it’s easier to address specific questions. In answer:
      1. Yes, it is possible to locum although you still need to be sponsored by a specific clinic, as they need to license you. As such, it’s not quite the same as locuming in somewhere like the UK.
      2. As far as attesting documents I have no idea what the Australian process is. I would imagine that as long as you have the originals, any good solicitor would be able to do the initial attestation for you. You would then need to get them legalised. I would say the best people to contact would be the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment – Google them.
      I remember it taking a fair while – about 4 months from start to finish – but I am sure that can vary based on a whole host of factors.
      Good luck 🙂

  10. Hello,thanks for this a vet with over 10 years experience in uganda and was thinking of pursuing a better carrer in uae.1.i need help contacting some prospective employers in uae. 2.what visa must i acquire to get to uae to take the exam and how much does the exam cost.
    Thank u

  11. Hi there,

    Thanks for the article, it’s super helpful indeed. Would you guys know what does it take to get a Vet assistant position in Dubai?

    What qualifications do I need to be considered for a job? I have a 2 years real time Vet assistant experience from Europe, and more than 10 years animal shelter (volunteer) experience.


  12. Thank you for clear explanations
    I explored the website of Ministry of Climate Change & Environment , but I couldn’t figure out that is this exam is a multi-choice or practical one. I mean, is that a writing exam or a oral test by a veterinarian?

  13. Hello everyone i am a vet. Got my degree from Pakistan and want to do job in Dubai. Can anyone guide me that what are the requirements for the application and please also give me the idea of average salary of a vet.

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