Chickens can stress vets out

Chickens: Fact is Stranger than Fiction

Chickens can stress vets outAs a small animal vet I am not alone in breaking out into a bit of a cold sweat when I see the word “chicken” on my consult list. The truth is that we see so few birds in general practice that our knowledge is often limited. Having said this, we are professionals and nobly rise to the challenge, learning as swiftly as is possible and applying this newly learned knowledge in the following consult.

It was after such a case, in which the chicken presented to me had diarrhoea and a temperature, that I set about to plug the obvious void in my knowledge and came upon the excellent book by fellow vet Victoria Roberts, “Diseases of Free-Range Poultry.” Although I certainly don’t now count myself as an expert, I certainly no longer dread the next chicken, rather clucking quietly in anticipation.

Check out Victoria’s site for yourself

2 thoughts on “Chickens: Fact is Stranger than Fiction”

  1. Great website, but not a smooth move defacing your colleague on the web. Despite what her work ethic and skills may have been, your words lack professionalism and most veterinarians would find that disappointing.

    1. I’m not sure which blog post you’ve read as the one your comment relates to does no such thing – I am, if anything, effusive with praise for “my colleague” and the fantastic reference she has created on chickens. I am, however, glad you’re enjoying the site.

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