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Bristol Vet School Open Day – Student Account

Bristol University, Wills Memorial BuildingJune 28th 2012 saw Bristol Vet School open it’s doors to prospective new vet students, enabling them to take a look around the impressive facilities and get a feel for what it would be like to be a vet student at what is an awesome university (NB: I am obviously massively biased owing to the fact that I am a graduate of Bristol – awesome place 🙂 ).

Vet School reader and future vet Natasha Clark went along for the day and has been kind enough to write a review of her experiences. Thanks Natasha 🙂

“It got off to a disappointing start when I got an email through last week saying there had been an over-booking error for Langford and that parents couldn’t travel to Langford and see the facilities it had to offer, only prospective students could travel alone by the buses the University provided. This was a shame because I had previously visited Langford with Vetquest and told my mum about it so, naturally she wanted to have a look at the fantastic facilities it had to offer. 

When we arrived we were greeted very friendly by staff who pointed us in the right direction, the whole day was very well presented and organised. The talks and lectures were explained well and any questions I had were answered clearly and in depth. The facilities they provide are excellent! I was very impressed especially by the Equine and small animal hospital/practice facilities at Langford.

Everybody from the veterinary science department was really friendly and fell over themselves to make you feel welcome and at home. 

I enjoyed my time at Bristol University and Langford House, the whole day gave an insight to what the university has to offer (and I love it!). Bristol will defiantly be going on my UCAS application!!”

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  1. Unfortunately, my experience was different to Natasha’s. When I got to Langford it was really unorganised and no-one seemed to know who was leading which tour and where people were supposed to be which disappointed me. The tour itself was quite disappointing too because our tour guide didn’t really show us much or go into much depth about the buildings we were seeing. I remember her saying frequently as we passed certain buildings “but we can’t go in there” or “we can’t see that today though” which I thought made things quite negative. However, the talks inside were quite good and different students gave us an account of what their experiences had been like at Bristol. All in all, I’m not sure if I will add Bristol to my UCAS application, it definitely won’t be in my top two.

    1. Hi Hayley. Sorry your comment has taken so long to appear – have been away and only just seen it 🙂 Sorry to hear you didn’t have a great time at Bristol and good luck with your applications wherever you decide – let us know.

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