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In addition to working as a vet in practice, Chris also writes extensively on vet careers and lectures on the same subject. Chris’ first book was published in 2009 and since then he has been advising and offering helpful guidance to scores of prospective veterinary students through his Vet School books and regular newsletter.

Chris currently writes and offers advice through his Vet School Success website.

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Chris’ current books (available from

The Nerdy Vet’s Vet School Success

£14.99 (incl FREE postage & packaging)

Vet School Success book coverWhat is it like to actually go through the entire process of applying to vet school? Join Chris as he takes you on an autobiographical journey through his own experiences of deciding that a veterinary career was for him, through work experience placements, applications, Open Days, interviews, a rather last-minute Gap Year, and even his first year as a new vet student in Bristol.

With advice and guidance relevant to those of you currently considering a vet school application, or already preparing to apply, Vet School Success is a fun, entertaining, yet informative and immensely helpful guide to vet school applications.

Some comments from those who have already read Vet School Success:

“Good advice – especially about interviews”


“All of it was really useful. Particularly the advice on work experience and the personal statement.”



VET SCHOOL: Parts 1 & 2

£19.99 each or £34.99 for both (incl FREE postage & packaging)

Vet SchoolThe ultimate guide to all things vet school, from the initial considerations of whether a veterinary career is the right path, to organising work experience, submitting an application and interviews, right through to your first year as a vet student, and career options as a vet. With so much essential information and advice, including entertaining, informative and enlightening illustrations from real-life vets and vet students, who share their own personal stories, there was simply too much to cram into just one book.

Be sure to head over to Vet School Success to get your own copies.

3 thoughts on “Vet School”

  1. Dear Chris,
    I’m really passionate about becoming a Vet and have been given your details by Anita Winn as the best person to advise me. I would like to get your book and be able to have some advise and direction as how best achieve this goal.
    I am in year 12 and have 5A* and 5 A’s at GCSE and have some work experience under my belt and a lot planned to do ! I can send you my experience so far if that would be useful.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Joey Heath

  2. Hi! I am from United States and I am interested in buying a guide to vet school from you but I don’t know if I can?

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