Black rhino

All change down on the range

Black rhinoWell, what can I say? Life has managed to get in the way and interrupt my normal Safari Vet School musings this week, hence the ridiculously late penning of this week’s rambling offering. For those of you who may have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment – that’ll be you then mum – I can only apologise and endeavour to do better this week. So, on with it…

It was our final week with the current group of students and it all ended rather nicely really – we couldn’t not see some lion action, afterall. I reiterate what I have said before but Will is a master shot with the old darts. Truly classic stuff. Good job too as well, as wanting to get in and have the job done swiftly must have definately have been the aim of the game when dealing with the lion cubs (although what I saw looked nothing like the cute bundles of fluff and claws that I think of when I hear the word ‘cub’), especially given the short work they were all making of the cow. A bite from a lion would certainly entitle the recipient to some serious man (or woman) points and usurp any tales of being ‘savaged’ by a bog standard domestic kitty, something which, to date, I have still managed to avoid and intend to continue to avoid.

I am just trying to recall what else happened (it is late as I write this)…. oh yes, rhinos. The main recollection I have of that part of the show was the fact that the rhino apparently ended up getting jabbed about fifteen times! Ouch. I am sure there was a good reason why they didn’t just opt to swap syringes whilst leaving the needle in place, rather than have to repeatedly make new needle stabs? Again, I am probably prompting shouts of derision and cries of ‘ignorance’ as I say that. I have not, after all, ever had to administer antibiotics to a wild rhino so I guess that’s the way it is done. Just a though though.

Its been great fun watching the students work together and grow as individuals over the course of the past few weeks and I am sure they all returned to their respective vet schools refreshed and full of new found enthusiasm and passion for the subject. Lets see what the next lot are like…

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